Q. Is the Napelace heavy?

A. The precise weight distribution and symmetrical design of the Napelace provide a feather-light feel without restricting mobility. This allows complete comfort for the person wearing this beautiful piece of jewelry.

Q. Can the earrings be worn without the nape adornment?

A. Yes, the earrings can be worn alone, which provides the wearer of this extraordinary design two completely distinct looks from only one purchase.

Q. Does the Napelace come in a clip-on version?

A. Yes, a clip-on version is available upon request. Because it is a specialty item, an additional two to three weeks will be required to process the order. Therefore, the expected delivery date of a clip-on Napelace will be three weeks later than that of a standard order.

Q Does Gwendolyn G. create custom designs?

A. Yes, custom designs are available in either white or yellow gold, as well as in palladium, and are adorned with diamonds and/or other precious gemstones.