Webster’s dictionary defines the word “innovate” as “…to change or alter by introducing something new; to remodel; to revolutionize.” Being the creator of the Napelace, the first piece of jewelry which adorns the nape of a woman’s neck, Gwendolyn G. is truly an innovative designer! Because this unique concept is a first in the world of jewelry design, Gwendolyn G. has been issued a United States Utility Patent, which entitles her to exclusivity in regards to both the Napelace’s design and concept. she currently fashions her jewelry from rhodium plated 925 sterling silver with SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA, although white gold, diamonds, and other precious gemstones are most often used in her custom pieces.

Gwendolyn G. is a native of Las Vegas, Nevada, and a former model and makeup artist. Throughout her extensive career in the fashion industry, she enjoyed accessorizing a woman’s individual beauty through her unique use of color in both fashion and makeup artistry. And now, through her revolutionary contribution to the jewelry industry, she has found yet another way to accessorize the beauty of a woman!

When asked how she came up with something uniquely new in an industry where there is a perception that everything has already been created, Gwendolyn G. replied, “I’m inspired by the idea of exploring the unknown, where there’s the possibility of discovering something that doesn’t already exist. To echo author and motivational speaker, Wayne Dyer, ‘When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.’ You must be willing to think outside of the box. And then you must have the courage to step outside of the box and not worry about what others may think about you and your ideas. One helpful aspect of my being a newcomer to the jewelry industry is that I didn’t feel the pressure of being judged by my peers during the creative process. I wasn’t burdened by peer pressure then, and now I’m truly free to think for myself; to think without limitations. This allows me to create from the outside in, so to speak, and to not be confined by what already exists inside of the box.”